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Áed the Hunter, with full name Áed, of Fermanagh's Blood, who they call the Hunter, was a High King of the Selkie in the 4th Century. Áed died in 338, aged 33, in the Battle of Maide. His reign was a time of great upheaval, mostly in the form of the War of the Three High Kings, but also a time of greatness.

In 340, Áed was one of the first ones to be entered into the Halls of Heroes by Snechta the Singer, then newly-established.

In the movies Áed's Muster and The Thin Line, he was portrayed by Donnchadh Púicín of the Tribe of Wicklow.


Áed was born in 305 as grandson of a local magnate of what would become the Tribe of Fermanagh in Fort Stone. His family originally stemmed from the Baile, where his Grandfather was King of Caorasanna and Tributary King to the High King in Fort Stone. Said Grandfather managed to marry his daughter Aife, Áed's Mother, to Nuada, the eldest son of High King Niall, of Westmeath Descent (ruled from 310 to 338).

Aife died in childbirth in 309.

Nuada had ambitions, and those went contrary to his father's wishes, besides Niall slowly, but surely falling to madness after he ascended to the throne in succession of his benefactor Fiacha the Writer. He suspected something was up and in 312 moved his court from Fort Stone to Comhairle, bidding all of his sons to come with him - and only his sons. Áed was left in the care of his aunt, Clíodhna.

Clíodhna was more the up for the task of raising the young prince and his two siblings, a sister by he name of Étaín and a brother by he name of Fiacha. Fiacha died in the winter of 315/316, Étaín was married to King Midir of Learg in the Trossach in 320, aged 12 Springs.

In 319, Niall personally murdered all of his sons in what was known as the Day of the Blood-Madness. Innocent bystanders, for example several Nocht, Handmaidens and others were killed as well, not only by Niall, but also by his guards and several of his loyal liegemen. This outraged other liegemen, who banded together in what was known as Alliance of Brude and the War of the Three High Kings began.

In 320, the High Priests of the Ten Cults deposed of Niall and on the day of the Spring Festival of the following year, 321, they crowned the 16 year old Áed as High King.

Ruling (321-338)

- allowed the formation of Orders in 325

- died in 338 at the Battle of Maide (as did Niall)


- attended the Pan-Universal Dinner in 329.


He was also quite aware of Fashion.

Personal Relations

Áed's Women: Macha, Enya and Gwen

Áed was, what we would describe as a womanizer today and both he knew it and the court knew it. While over the next centuries many men and women came forward, claiming, that they descended from Áed, he had no official children.

Among his many lovers, however, three stand out: Macha Taise, of Cork Descent, Enya, of Claimhteoir and Gwen Beapa of Monaghan's Descent. Macha, a Spiorad Ainmhithe, who lives to this day, never spoke of his relationship to any of the women, but she always said, that she loved Áed - and that he loved her. She also claims to have been "the Hunter's First Prey", as well as the only one, who was allowed to call him Bunny.

The Nature of Áed's relationship with the First Swordmaiden and the First Lancemaiden

Fintan of the Nocht

Caollaidhe the Handmaiden

King Midir of Learg and Queen Étaín of Learg

Princess Clíodhna (299-356)