The 11th Dragan-Regiment, formerly known as 11th Regiment of Horse and 11th Regiment of Dragoons, nicknamed The Owls, is one of the premier regiments of the SDF-Army, belonging to the Mobile Forces Command. Seen as one of the most elite units, short of the Great Woods Rangers themselves, it is a heavy unit and one of the first to receive new arms and equipment introduced to the SDF-Army, if not testing them out.

Commanding officer of 11 Dragan is Colonel Ava Fuil of the Tribe of Monaghan.


11th Regiment of Horse (1925-1956)

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11th Regiment of Dragoons (1956-2016)

During Operation Summer Sun, during 1983's Second Vellenge War, it was the II. Squadron of the 11th Regiment of Dragoons, that conducted the landings, which allowed the Free Lands to retake Mount Vellenge and ended the war. A healthy dose of support and softening by the Great Woods Rangers might have helped as well.

11th Dragan-Regiment (2016-onwards)

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Bugler of the 11th Dragan-Regiment in Duty Uniform, shoulder patch showing the Regimental Insignia, the owl.

In 2018, 11 Dragan was on standby for Operation Spartacus, with the 18th Maor-Regiment being first deployed.


Commanding Officer, 11 Dragan: Colonel Ava Fuil of the Tribe of Monaghan.

Chief of Staff, 11 Dragan:

Commanding Officer, I./11 Dragan: Major Corrin Paisúile of the Tribe of Monaghan.

Commanding Officer, II./11 Dragan:

Commanding Officer, III./11 Dragan: Major Marla Éan of the Tribe of Cork.

Famous Soldiers


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