The 13x110mm Lutetian is a heavy cartridge developed in the mid-30s for usage in heavy machine guns and was later adapted as ammunition for anti-tank rifles and anti-material rifles. It will destroy unarmoured vehicles, penetrate lightly armoured ones (under ideal conditions, with armour piercing ammunition, that can be up to 30mm), and can damage ancillary equipment like searchlights or radars.

Design and Development

- not interchangeable with 12.7mm ammunition


  • G: Full-Metal Jacket.
  • A: Armour Piercing bullet, with incendiary function (can enflame gasoline and diesel)
  • P: Practice ammunition. Unsuited for combat.
  • T: Armour-Piercing Incendiary Tracer.


Basic specifications

Comparison Table

Cartridge G A P T
Bullet Weight 60 g 62 g 30 g 53 g
Muzzle Velocity 1000 m/s 1000 m/s 1000 m/s 1000 m/s
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