The 1718 Leuda Spring Festival, hosted by the Merchant Guild of Leuda in Leuda itself. It was also the Spring Festival during which the Amy Bolgán of the Tribe of Cork, Envoy of Gavida, was married to the God of Arts and Crafts.

It is also an RP known as Merchants' Spring Festival, OOC and IC.


Gabriel von Bülow's Abduction

Noah von Bülow and Liliane Lannaire

Juliana West's Deals with the MGoL

Robert Kastein and the Ilkhanate of Sarepta

Other happenings

During a ceremony at the Principle Temple of Gavida, Amy Bolgán of the Tribe of Cork, the Envoy of Gavida, was married to Him.

The Kjalaran Vessel Tyrannicide brought a shipload of enslaved Selkie back home and thus, as the Selkie were for the first time in a major way visibly at the receiving end of slavery, began a process of rethinking. The SDF-Navy had planned to name the third vessel of the Sealgaire-class Helicopter Carriers SDFS Rímharú in Tyrannicides honour.

Research History

During the 2010s, the University of Leuda started a post-graduate programm and research project about the international trade in the 18th century from the Lands of the Selkie into the entire world. Soon, the 1718 Leuda Spring Festival was put into the focus of the researchers because it was well documented. In 2018, after an announcement concerning the research project, the GKTC of Kuronami announced its participation in the project.

Important Selkie and Kyrenaian Characters involved

Important Vessels

  • Alsiyad, a Kyrenaian trade vessel.
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