The 18th Maor-Regiment, formerly 10th Regiment of Uhlans, is one of the premier regiments of the SDF-Army, belonging to the Mobile Forces Command. Seen as an elite light-regiment, the 18th Maor-Regiment is more often on the forefront of battles then the heavier partner-regiment, the 11th.

Current commanding officer of 18 Maor is Colonel Viola Arán of the Tribe of Fermanagh.


10th Regiment of Uhlans (1965-2016)

18th Maor-Regiment (2016-2018)

See Main-Article: Structure of a Maor-Regiment in 2018.

Operation Spartacus (2018)

After many of the allied contingents, 18th Maor, which had been tasked with a more supporting role, moved out and into Sadera, the 14th Company in the lead. Only seconds after arrival, the SDF received their first losses in the Operation, as a Cruinneachán SPAAG was hit by a stray artillery shell, destroying the lightly armoured vehicle.

While of the 14th Company, the A-, C- and D-Platoons went into combat to support their allied forces, B-Platoon stayed behind by the Gate to secure it.

Following them was I. Squadron with the Staff's Medical, Signals and EW Platoons following.


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