The 1st Patrol Gunboat Squadron, formerly the 1st Gunboat Squadron and 1st Patrol Squadron, is the oldest unit of the SDF-Navy, established in 1920 with vessels from all around the Free Lands.


Establishment (1920-1924)

In 1922, in conjunction with the Naval Armament Program, the 1st Patrol Squadron was slated for being re-equipped in 1924, receiving the first six Miodóg-class Sloops.

Abhcan's Little Daggers (1924-1963/1965)

First refit of the sloops in 1939

In 1942, with submarines of unknown origin operating within the Waters of the Free Lands, the 1st Patrol Squadron was dispatches with a number of vessels to Shella to participate in Operation Spriocearcaitheoir, led by the cruiser Abhcan. Flagship of the 1st Gunboat Squadron was the Cailleach-class Light Cruiser SDFS Aeval.

Second refit of the sloops in 1946

scrapped between 1963 and 1965

1st Gunboat Squadron (1965-2002)

1st Patrol Gunboat Squadron (2002-2018)

First unit to test the Fiagai-class Patrol Boat.

Stalcaire (2018-onwards)

First unit to be equipped with Stalcaire-class Unmanned Surface Vessels in 2018, handing their Fiagais to the 19th Patrol Gunboat Squadron



1983 (Second Vellenge War)


15 Stalcaire-class Unmanned Surface Vessels.

Famous Officers and Sailors

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