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The 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting was organized by Bicíní Industries for the Bicíní Industries Models as an annual tradition, a reward for their hard work in the previous two weeks during the Archipelago Shooting and its aftermath, as well as in celebration for Cailleach's Feast. In 2019, the company leadership decided to make it an official occasion for everyone in the Tearmann Island Resort to attend, if they like to.

The OOC can be found here, the start of the IC here.


The Location: Pléaráca Beach, Tearmann Island Resort

Pléaráca Beach is one of the smaller beaches, a cove with a beach of merely 8.12 kilometres (the cove itself is roughly five kilometers across), bordered to the north by the Fiántas Cliff and to the south by the Sruthán Creek, a small river with a depth of two metres, although it goes slowly. A small wooden bridge leads over the creek to Céad Beach directly to the south. The treeline is roughly a kilometer away from the waterline.

Fiántas Cliff technically belongs to Pléaráca Beach and a small stairwell exists to make climbing the seven metres tall cliff possible. Atop of it, one not only has a great view of the two beaches to either side, but also access to Túr-Tower, the ruins of a small watchtower, which was built by pirates in the 18th century to protect the cove, which is Pléaráca Beach today.

Above Pléaráca Beach, one will find the Pléaráca Hotel, a kilometer (or the quarter of an hour for an adult by foot) away from the tree line, an assembly of four dozen small houses (usually three rooms) around a small square, as well as an administrative buildings and a small restaurant. A road leads deeper into the island towards the Main Resort, a shuttle bus drives every half-hour.


Fintan and the Queen

The Kid-Adventure

People involved in that

People attending

Bicíní Industries

Friends, Family and significant others


Characters of other players

  • Jason Kelvin Hall, Karen Hall and Marvin.
  • Jerald De Leon.
  • Evelyn "Eve" Keel and Dana Stryker.
  • Joshua Henry Allen, Bianca Bethany Allen, Sono de Turoj, Isabel Sirin Canno, September Cano, Kronos Canno and Joshua Henry Allen and Sono de Turoj.
  • Valeriya and Yali.
  • Crown Prince Sabin Ronei Elurion-Castamir and Suleiman Al-Salek.
  • Christopher Riescheid, Dragan Bandera, Kira Hamoudaoui and Leonie Theiss.
  • Gerald Vicente.
  • Yelda Altanereg, Setsuko Abe and Kazuo Akayama.
  • Gallia Martinez.
  • Farouk bin Abdul' Hakim and Zehra Arslan.
  • Hoàng Tuyết Loan and Nguyễn Ly Hyùnh.
  • Adelheid von Hohenzollern-Jagiellon and Marie Ernst Glück.
  • Lucky, Karen and Hadrian Wells.

Foods and Drinks Served

  • Selkie-Cuisine:
    • Stobhach.
    • Bull Boar on open grill, courtesy of Kieran and Eoin Bleachtaire of the Tribe of Wicklow.
    • Selkie-Whiskey, including Cane Whiskey.
    • Brandies of the Archipelago, a wide selection.
    • Battered Sausages.
    • Maith.
    • Scipeáil.
    • Spiorad na Bainne.
    • Salads, including potato salads.
    • Teas of various descriptions.
    • Fruit juices.
    • Other things.
  • Kyrenaian Cuisine:
    • Doggy Aragh.
    • Luqaimat.
    • Alkurat almaqaliya.
    • Kyrenaian Tea.
    • Kyrenaian Finger Food.
  • Cuisine of Teressien:
  • Cuisine of Nouvelle-Dunkerque:
  • Cuisine of Lutetii:
    • Limoncello.
    • Lutetiian Wine.
    • Spirito a Base Herbe.
    • Citrus fruit juices.
  • Cuisine of Horai:
  • From Elsewhere:
    • NVI: Liberica Coffee.
    • ARTC: Irish Coffee (in the making, in situ).
    • Lillorainen: Beer. Lots of beer.
    • Shamsiyya: Raki.
    • Sharulsi Khanate: Buuz/Khuushuur (dumplings filled with various sorts of meat); Airag (fermented mare's milk); Sharulsi Vodka.
    • Shikonjima: various Shikonjimanese candies; Seishu (clear rice wine known as 'Sake' outside Shikonjima).
    • The Chuck: Chuckian Whiskey; some other foodstuffs (not specified so far).
    • Wiedheim: Äbbelwoi (cider; both alc and non-alc).
    • Quenmin: Quenminese iced coffee, bánh mì and pho.
    • Amenria: Mantou.
    • PPC: Pierogi and Spirytus Rektyfikowany.
    • AAI: Sweet Dates and Turkish Delights.
    • Democratic Exodian Territories: Peach Rum.