The 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack was a terrorist attack on the 17th of June 2019 in Downtown-Utica on the Al'Arz Restaurant, near the Haram Girls' Academy. The circumstances, victims and a claim of responsibility put the attack into the direction of the Discussion about the Change of the Law of Marriage to allow for Homosexual Marriage.

It is also the title of a RP known as The Discussion heats up!


With the legalisation of homosexuality in 2000, several groups began to lobby for further changes, including one of the Law of Marriage, which would allow for homosexual marriage. This was quickly and decidedly opposed by several groups, but also found support, 

In early 2018, Princess Aurelia bint-Damir began to lobby for a change in the Law of Marriage, which would allow for homosexual marriage. This gave the movement the traction it needed, more and more public figures joining their side (among them the rapper Khalid Lahia), but also confronted the Tabardariyya with the problem, that Aurelia was now a prime target - her security detail when out on unofficial business was increased to one Handmaiden, Sarina Eahira, but in school, she insisted to Captain al-Tabar, she did not want a bodyguard.

The Al'Arz meanwhile was a famous and known haunt for students of the HGA, as well as known among tourists visiting Downtown Utica as a good spot to eat. As it was not on the Haram Campus, it was accessible to them as well. Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad and many other famous alumni of the HGA ate there in their student-days, enjoyed the food. The establishment with 22 employees was known for its good and cheap food, usually quite greasy, filling and delicious. On the time of the attack at rush hour, 14 employees, 169 students and 13 tourists were present.


On the 17th of June, 2019, shortly after Midday, several pipe bombs planted in a white van in front of the Al'Arz detonated. By 14:00, Utica Metropolitan Police confirmed 8 dead students and 96 wounded, a number, which would soon rise. At 14:19, an organization known as the Front for a Traditional Kyrenaia claimed responsibility and that Princess Aurelia was the target due to her lobbying for a change in the Marriage Law. By 15:59, the death toll had risen to 12 dead and 101 wounded. By 16:15, another person had passed away, a girl of 13 years.

Due to the popularity of the Al'Arz as a tourist hotspot, there were several victims from abroad, for example Lina Koogholm and Serafina Felske from Lillorainen, the latter of which was heavily wounded, but survived.

International Reactions

Within the first hour of the attack, many international organizations and government offered their condolences, most famously the Governments of Lillorainen and Bruke as well as of the Elder Council. Offers for help were extended as well, for example from Kuronami and the United Island States of AHSCA. A unit of specialists of the RIB of Kuronami and another one from the Armed Forces of the UIS were invited by the Chandshar to aid in the investigation and cleanup as a reaction to the offers.

The next day, the Headmistress of the HGA allowed students, who did want to go home before the Year End Ceremony, to go - none of the HGA's students went.

Only hours after the incident, the hashtag #NowEvenMore was published in several variations over social media, including PiffleNet, inviting for discussions and veritable fights.


OOC-Note: The majority of the information in this section is considered top secret ICly. It was worked out with Lillorainen, a nice chap. Thank you for the good cooperation!

The Chandshar began to investigate amidst the rescue operations. The team was led by Ilia Jamkija and his second-in-command, Amir Alnnayib. Quickly, it could be confirmed, that the Front for a Traditional Kyrenaia was responsible. Allegations, that Homofront was responsible, could be quickly debunked. One of the most important priorities of the Chandshar was cooperating with allied and friendly intelligence services.

The MND from Lillorainen and the Almukhabarat Al'Amn Aljumhuriyyat from Shamsiyya began to follow a variety of leads, which led to a network of far-right terrorist cells active in multiple nations, including Kyrenaia and Lillorainen to be revealed. The late Amin Tawashi, the leader of the Democratic Movement in Kyrenaia, which had been executed in 2017 for murder and child murder, was one of the most important leads, him having contact with Linda Pressler of the LDF in 2016. Birgit Seitz had returned the favour shortly before his execution, travelling over Markaz. Chemical analysis of the site revealed, that Kyrenaian Explosives had been used in the attack, of military grade.

Following these leads, it was uncovered, that over a hundred kilogram of Octogen, a military-grade solid rocket propellant, went missing over the last few years, as well as SDY having lost three Type 40 Anti-Ship Missiles, Mark I. One was quickly found in the Gainimh-Islands, the smuggler being caught by the SDF-Navy. The other two have yet to be found.

Internal investigations started, the RKN and the RKA revealing a small network of corrupt officers, while the perpetrators of the robbery of the AShMs remained a mystery. The smuggler was only supposed to transport and had no stakes in it himself. The Ionchoisne is still investigating that.

Networking Questions

With the explosives coming from the Military, not ideologically motivated, but out of greed, and the explosion happening by the ways of terrorists with ideological motivation, the Chandschar asked itself, who brought them into contact with each other and where did the money come from? As the bombs detonated in front of the Al'Arz did not represent the entire amount of missing explosives (not by a long shot), the next question was about what happened to the rest and where it was?

The flow of the money, it was revealed, led from Lillorainen, especially the Seitz-Pressler-Group to number accounts in Ainalaui, Moana Nui. The origins of their money, in turn, is unknown as of now.

The corrupt officers, as both the flow of that money and interrogations revealed, sold their merchandise to the Fawadawiana Island Enterprises, a known dealer with all things legal, illegal and anywhere inbetween. The transport route out of Kyrenaia is unknown, but back into Kyrenaia was, as it turned out, responsibility of the Alnamalram, a Kyrenaian Organized Crime Syndicate.

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