The 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng was a Ball hosted by Fürst Alrich III. of Teressien at Schloss Zyng in the Baronat Zyng. The Ball was attended by many guests, both from at home and overseas. It was in the evening of the 4th of August 2019.

The Ball is also known as The Prince's Ball, the OOC being found here and the IC here.



Dance Card

  • The Opening Polonaise.
  • Kyrenaian Polka.
  • Another Polka.
  • A Waltz.
  • Quadrille-Française.
  • Polka.
  • Selkie-Polka.
  • A Waltz.
    • Intermission
  • Quadrille-Lanciers.
  • Dance of the Housemaids: This one is a dance brought forth by the Hausmädchen of Schloss Zyng.
  • Waltz.

Dance Cards of Note

Dance Wilrun, Baronin von Port Monee Enya Findehoof Princess Aurelia bint-Damir Heda, Prinzessin von Dorch
Opening Polonaise Khalid Faris Fürst Alrich III. Prince Damir ibn-Razia Prince Keoke Kahana Tamori
Kyrenaian Polka Prince Damir ibn-Razia
Polka Gerulf von Sykane
Waltz Vin Erenback
Quadrille-Française Son Excellence Lieven Barillon
Polka Khalid Faris
Selkie-Polka Áed Gadhair of the Tribe of Fermanagh
Waltz Fürst Alrich III.
Quadrille-Lanciers Yvain Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath
Dance of the Housemaids Riding out Riding out Riding out Riding out
Waltz Khalid Faris

Guest List

From Teressien

Important Staff

From Kyrenaia

From the Free Lands

From Nouvelle-Dunkerque

From around the world

  • Benedict von Eylstadt, Duke of Eylstadt, with Cecelia von Eylstadt, Duchess of Eylstadt.
  • Agathe Blachkov (née Mitchell), Dowager Empress of the Empire of the Scarlet Eagle, with Colonel Bradley Myers.
  • Madame Pacifica, Head of Congress, and Madame Miela, Congresswoman in the Congress of Her Majesty.
  • Mister Ruairi Forrest Buchan, EsqHStL.
  • Her Royal Majesty, Queen Callista IV of Mervay, His Royal Highness, Prince Pandareos III of Mervay, His Royal Highness, Duke Adrien Calvin Dean Arterius Devienne of Ardens, Her Royal Highness, Durchess Marion Riliane Jolie Isabelle Devienne of Ardens, Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Lisolette Camine Alizee Devienne of Ardens.
  • Prince Nyyrikki Häkkinen, Emperor of the Elves, with Lady Mháire Häkkinen.
  • Princess Kyouko III. Yamura, Princess of Shikonjima, Princess Shiko Yamura, Prince Jirou Yamura, Princess Shiruko Tamori and Prince Keoke Kahana Tamori.
  • Davidov Santamaninsky, Supreme Marshal of the Greater Empire of Krospovia.
  • Miss Jolene Gudfrey.
  • Philippe Van Riviendorp, Prince of Rivienland, with Maria Van Riviendorp, Princess of Rivienland.
  • Berengar von Hohenzollern-Jagiellon, Crown Prince of Prussia and Poland, with Princess Erika Byrnes.
  • His Royal and August Majesty, Aceus Elurion, His Grace, Sabin Ronei Castamir-Elurion and Rev. Stavros Galanis.
  • Figlio di Roma, Lord Alessandre Giulio Cesare Massimo de Lux Pulchrae, Figlio di Roma, Lord Constantino Innocente Massimo de Lux Pulchrae, Lord Luis Antonio Maria de Constanza, Duke of Toccamare and Sir Roderique de Marquet.
  • Dr. Nicholas Nathaniel Tanner.
  • HRH Lyon IV of the Lunar Kingdom, Prince Anlaf Bjork, Mister Dakov Weimar.
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