The 38th Long-Range Fighter Wing is a fighter wing of the Armies of the Five Deserts, established in 1929. The Wing is homebased in Oea, but quite mobile, as well as mainly equipped with the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-16 Saqr Multirole Fighter, Model TA.

The wing is part of the No. 12 Long-Range Fighter Group.


Aintalaq-Uprising (1938-1947)

From 1938 to 1945, the 38th was

From 1939 onwards, the 38th Long-Range Fighter Wing was

Recuperation Period (1947-1950)

In 1948, the 38th was re-equipped with the S-630's successor.

Iimyralidi War of Independence (1950-1956)

Recuperation Period (1956-1958)

Thur-Guerilla (1958-1965)

The 38th moves to Caralis (1966-1970)

Past Equipment

Notable Pilots

Current Base: Oea Army Air Base

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