The 3rd Dragan-Regiment, formerly known as 3rd Regiment of Horse and 3rd Regiment of Hussars, is one of the Regiments assigned to the Eastern Brigade, with I. and II. Squadrons in Silverport and III. Squadron in Bodmin.

As a Dragan-Regiment, it is one of the heavier regiments of the SDF-Army, using amongst others the Cealg Light Tank.


3rd Regiment of Horse (1921-1956)

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The 3rd Regiment of Horse was one of the more expandable units of the SDF-Army, and one of the first regiments to be established in lieu with the foundation of the SDF-Army in 1920. It was initially raised from volunteers of the City Guards of Silverport, Bodmin, Ironcastle and Wembury, and was one of the first regiments to be declared fully operational. In 1932, the initially completely horse-mounted regiment was half-mechanized, resulting in the III. Squadron to receive tanks and armoured cars, genuine Selkie-Developments, amongst them the T-12 Tank, the T-14 Armoured Car, but also equipped with Gabha G-39 37mm Light AA-guns.

Trials with these were conducted up to 1935, then the regiment's III. Squadron was declared operational.

In 1939, 3 Horse was one of the first units to respond to the call for aid by the City of Fortham as Lake Mór raised far above usual levels and flooded the city, soldiers working tirelessly in conducting aid and using their heavy armoured vehicles for other purposes then war. War, however, would soon find the regiment, as one of the last Robber Barons of the Great Woods decided to rear his head and attack several settlements close to the border of the Woods in 1941 - 3 Horse was dispatched and did a splendid job of showing the other Robber Barons, that their days were numbered, while arresting the person in question after a short and hard campaign, involving an incident known as the Rape of Glen Gleann.

Of 3 Horse, 23 men were found guilty of misbehaviour inappropriate to soldiers of the SDF-Army and various crimes, for which they were sentenced to life sentences.

In 1943, with the Great Woods behind them, 3 Horse conducted a tour of duty to the Archipelago, being based there as the Constabulary Force and returning in 1944 without incident. Reports of that time speak of a mutual feeling of discomfort with each other, shared by the men of 3 Horse and the citizens of the Archipelago.

In 1949, the regiment entered training and equipment to be fully mechanized, but, as usual for SDF-Army Regiments, retained a small horse-section.

3rd Regiment of Hussars (1956-2016)

The Regiment was restructered in 2016 during the Niochán Army Reforms.

3rd Dragan-Regiment (2016-onwards)


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