The 5.45x40mm Intermediate Cartridge, introduced into Kyrenaian Services as K-17, is a cartridge introduced by the Armies of the Five Deserts and the Sultan's Navy in 2017 with the KGS-21 Heavy Submachine Gun.

Design and Development

The K-17 was designed as a middle-ground between the large and heavy 11.5x25mm cartridges of handguns like the KGS-18 Handgun and the rifle cartridges of the 7.62x51mm rifles like the KGS-22 Carbine. A very early development goal was an 'Intermediate Cartridge to end all Intermediate Cartridges', as the Army was looking for a replacement for the KGS-22.

The result was a long and slender cartridge with an equally long and slender bullet with excellent ballistic properties and flight characteristics. As a small, light and high-velocity military cartridge, it is mostly seen as a cartridge for submachine guns and larger weapons, less for handguns.

Wounding Effects

Tests showed, that the K-17 is not bad at penetrating body armour in the standard variant and does neither fragment nor expand when striking soft tissue (for example meat). Tumbling produces two cavities, both temporary, 100mm and 350mm deep inside of the person hit.


  • Standard: The standard rimless, bottleneck cartridge with full-metal jacket bullets, an unhardened steel penetrator core inside.
  • Version KL (khariqat lildurue, meaning armour-piercing): Rimless bottleneck cartridge with a tungsten-carbide stub cone penetrator.
  • Version T (tadrib, meaning training): Blank bullet imitator, needs a muzzle blank fire adapter.


Basic Specifications

Comparison Table

Cartridge Standard KL T
Weight 10.5 g 11.2 g 6.7 g
Bullet Weight 3.45 g 4.15 g 0.25 g
Muzzle Velocity 880 m/s 845 m/s

Future models might differ.

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