The 5.8x45mm Intermediate Cartridge is the rifle cartridge of the Fürstliche Streitkräfte, most prominently used in the SLK-36 Assault Rifle. It has been introduced with its predecessor, the SLK-29 Assault Rifle.



  • Standard Round: Steel-cored, copper-hulled, non-corrosive primer, better at penetrating body armour, cleaner-burning propellant (less residue), 4.6g bullet weight.
  • Heavy Round: 5g bullet, 925 m/s muzzle velocity from SLK-36 Assault Rifle.
  • Tracer: Standard round as tracer-round.
  • Practice: A blank.

These are the most current models. Several models of this ammunition are by now outdated and not in production anymore.


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