The 5th Dragan-Regiment, formerly known as the 5th Regiment of Uhlans and 5th Regiment of Horse, is a regiment of the SDF-Army. Until 2013, and the Niochan Army Reforms, the 5th Regiment belonged to the Southern Brigade, but was moved to the Western Brigade due to a reassignment of sectors. I. Squadron is stationed in Cuan, together with the Staff, II. Squadron in Fort Stone, III. Squadron in Fortham.


5th Regiment of Horse (1925-1956)

5th Regiment of Uhlans (1956-2013)

Yard Crisis

In 1975, a detachment of the 5th Regiment was sent into Cuan's Streets to stop protesters, with use of arms, if necessary. This came to a height during one protest, when the Lieutenant commanding the platoon blocking Búistéir Street, Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork, was ordered to open fire. He refused, retreated his platoon and spared hundreds of young people, many not that younger then he was, from death by machine gun fire. He was later sentenced to 200 leashes by a military tribunal.

5th Dragan-Regiment (2013-present)


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  • Commanding Officer, 5 Dragan:
  • Chief of Staff, 5 Dragan:
  • Commanding Officer, I./5 Dragan:
  • Commanding Officer, II./5 Dragan:
  • Commanding Officer, III./5 Dragan:
  • Commanding Officer, 17th/5 Dragan:
  • Commanding Officer, Regimental Artillery/5 Dragan:

Famous Soldiers

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