Aífe the Banshee was one of Princess Macha's handmaidens, described in detail in The Ancient Gathering, so much so, that it led to people assuming, that Sírlám the Scribe had a massive crush on the young woman, who was around 18 Springs by the time of departure of the vessels.


Early Life

Aífe the Banshee was born around 68 BCE at an unknown place. Much of her origins are unknown, but it is known, that she was born as the illegitimate child to a foreign lord and a slave in a place far away from today's Free Lands. Sírlám says, that her mother was a Selkie abducted and sold by foreign slavers.

Trained to become an entertainment slave from the day she could walk, she spent six years in that training - until, one day, a diplomatic mission of Lugh the Seafarer with the High King himself arrived in that place, accompanied by the 13 years old Prince Nuada. The young Prince took interest in the slave girl and asked if he would like her, the foreign Lord gave her to Nuada, who with greatest reluctance accepted a slave as a gift.

However, as soon as they were back home, Nuada set her free and on her insistance gave her into training as a handmaiden. After that training, she became handmaiden to Nuada's younger sister, Princess Macha and served her with dedication and pride, as if she was serving Nuada, who she had for a long time a crush on.

The Ancient Gathering

Aífe the Banshee


Personal Relations

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