Calibre: Launcher, 60 mm - Warhead, 110 mm

Weight: Fire-ready weapon: 15.2 kg

Warhead: 3.9 kg
Spare rounds: 12.9 kg

Length: 1,200 mm

Muzzle velocity: 160.0 m/s

Highest possible speed: 243.0 m/s

Sights: telescope sights

Maximum effective range: 300-400m

Minimum effective range: 20.0 m

Penetration capability:

Rolled homogeneous armour (RHA): 700 mm
Concrete: 1,600 mm

The M-1972 AT-weapon is a reuseable AT-weapon capable of competing against modern armour thanks to newer warheads. Relatively light (when compared to the former AT-rifles of 18.6 kilograms) it is the backbone of the AT-capabilities of the SDF-Army.

Launchers and warheads are produced domestically under license.

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