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The State Visit of Duchess Marcella Villa and Princess Gisella Villa of the United Island States of AHSCA (the UIS) to the Sultanate of Kyrenaia is commonly referred to A Duchess in the Desert, an important cornerstone in the History between the UIS and Kyrenaia.

A Duchess in the Desert is also a closed RP between AHSCA and Kyrenaia.

Order of Events

Day 1

After being welcomed in Kyrenaia at Utica International by Princess Dschamilla bint-Fadi, escorted by planes of the Armies of the Five Deserts, the guests were moved to the Palace of the Azure Hall in a carriage escorted by the horseman squadrons of the Tabar Boys' Academy and the Haram Girls' Academy, led by Princess Aurelia bint-Damir.

For the visit, both Utica International and the Main Entry Street were closed off. Driving over the MES, towards the Azure Hall, the visitors were frenetically welcomed by the people of Kyrenaia and Utica, especially Gisella became a crowd-favourite due to her "being cute as a button", as a media outlet called it.

The carriage ride came to an end after taking the parades of the Armed Forces and the Tabardariyya, with being welcomed by Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia, who led them inside and formally introduced them to the Court. In the following discussion, the delegation got documents handed to them - documents guaranteeing the independence of the UIS, the protection of its borders and help in case of natural desaster, later enhanced to stationing a Kyrenaian station ship in the UIS. In return, the Duchess presented the Sultana with a gift, namely the Seashell-Necklace, which became a favourite piece of the Sultana.

The Ball

End and culmination of Day 1 was the State Ball in honour of Duchess Marcella Villa of the UIS and Princess Gisella Villa of the UIS. It began at quarter past eight o'clock, a Black Tie Event.

The guests were a carefully selected dozen with a number of Plus Ones and Plus Twos (the Sultana encouraging guests to bring their children along).

At eight o'clock, Prince Mahmut and Prince Ilia were fetching their dates.

Guest List

Day 2

Day 3


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