Aaltje Schreyg is a Teressian actress and philanthropist from Dorch. She became known to a wider audience due to the movie Strandhotel. She has a younger sister by the name of Jette.

Aaltje is owner of two cats, named of Sammt and Seyd.


In 2013, Aaltje began to work as a part-time Maid in a café in Dorch. She graduated in 2016 and decided to focus for a year on acting, as she did not know yet, what she would be doing in her life. By coincidence, she came into contact with a movie producer a few weeks later.

In 2017, she played the Female Lead in Strandhotel, together with her sister, and became known to a wide audience.

Filmography (selection)

HMW GT-123

Aaltje (right) and Jette in Strandhotel, the car being a HMW GT-123. The rifle is a SLK-36 Assault Rifle.


Aaltje Schreyg-2

Aaltje with her two cats, in 2016 and maid uniform.

Aaltje is a cheerful young woman,

She is a known philanthropist,

Personal Relations


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