Aaltje Schreyg is a Teressian actress and philanthropist from Dorch. She became known to a wider audience due to the movie Strandhotel. She has a younger sister by the name of Jette.

Aaltje is owner of two cats, named of Sammt and Seyd.


Aaltje was born in 1997 as the oldest of two children of Naya and Tilo Schreyg in Dorch. Her father is an office worker, her mother was an aspiring artist before getting to know her later husband.

In 2000, her younger sister Jette was born.

2003 saw Aaltje enter Elementary School, the Alexander von Sykane Elementary School in Dorch-Kanalsted,  In 2013, Aaltje began to work as a part-time Maid in a café in Dorch. She graduated in 2016 and decided to focus for a year on acting, as she did not know yet, what she would be doing in her life. By coincidence, she came into contact with a movie producer a few weeks later.

In 2017, she played the Female Lead in Strandhotel, together with her sister, and became known to a wide audience.

Filmography (selection)

HMW GT-123

Aaltje (right) and Jette in Strandhotel, the car being a HMW GT-123. The rifle is a SLK-36 Assault Rifle.


Aaltje Schreyg-2

Aaltje with her two cats, in 2016 and maid uniform.

Aaltje is a cheerful young woman,

She is a known philanthropist,

Personal Relations


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