Ilkhan Aaron of Kyrene was one of the Ilkhans of the Ilkhanate of Kyrene, predecessor and father to Sarah, Ilkhana of Kyrene. He died in July 2018 after long disease.


Ilkhan Aaron was born in 1920, as son of Fadi-Ilkhan  (who would die in 1958), and, through his life, saw tremendous changes in Kyrenaia.

Attending the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian in 1939, he saw one of the first as a young man doing his Service with the Sultan's Navy, foreign powers being invited to Kyrenaia to celebrate the occassion together with the Kyrenaians.

He saw the collapse of the Kyrenaian Colonial Empire, commanded a cruiser through the Jalid Emergency between  1952 and 1954, without returning home. He ascended to the throne in 1958, after the death of his father.

In 1960, he founded the Boy- and Girlscout Movement of Kyrenaia.

He ended the Decolonization Wars in 1965 by sending food to a starving, indepenedent Va'a Mamao Socialist Republic.

In 1972, he supported a young Princess Razia unconditionally in her ascension to the throne of the Sultan, hoping and praying for her to bring the change, which Kyrenaia needed.

From 2000 onwards, he suffered from senility and dementia, his situation growing gradually worse by the day. In the end, it was his daughter, who was effectively the Ilkhana, even representing her father at the Court of the Azure Hall in Utica.


"Never be cruel, never be cowardly - and never-ever eat pears. Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. And always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind."
Ilkhan Aaron to a number of young Princes, Princesses and Ilkhans, amongst them Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi and Razia Sultana Umm Albilad. It turned into a sort-of motto for the Kyrenaian Royalty.

That, and he abhorred pears.

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Tariqa bint-Ilia

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