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Commander Abbas Shabaaltay is the current commander of the Air Group of the RKN-Carrier RKN Mirfae of Carrier Group 5 and pilot of the KAF-16B Saqr. Since 2017, he appeared as the date of Princess Fara bint-Dardan on several occasions, a relationship soon forming, despite the seven years difference in age.


Starting in 2017, he was employed as the Neutral Date of Princess Fara whenever one was required and he was nearby, despite her being in a relationship with King Aceus of Danceria. After Fara's breakup with the King in 2019, their relationship became firmer, the aviator her shoulder to cry on.

In 2020, he accompanied her to a state visit abroad, aboard the Aurelia, as her date.


Personal Relations

Princess Fara bint-Dardan

To the rest of the family, he has a good relationship, especially to her father and her brother, while the women of the family are more skeptical. Kalak is quite fond of him.

Admiral Abbas Lahia

Commander Shaira Katakut