Abelka Suffren is a student at the Lycée Saint André pour Filles and Captain of the LSAF Boating Club, as well and an avid windsurfer, one of the best in the youth segments of Nouvelle-Dunkerque.


Since Summer 2018, she is a certified rescue swimmer. In the school year 2018, she was also made Captain of the Boating Club, thus also receiving command of the Poussin, which she promptly handed to her deputy, Marlisa Dambray.

For the 2021 LSAF Student Exchange, she was transferred to Class 12-ÉÉ,

Abelka is set to graduate in 2021, after which she wants to either follow the path of a professional sportswoman or study sports medicine. All, she knows, depends on the next few years.


Abelka is a bubbly young woman, wholly in love with the sea and the winds, which is not surprising for someone from Crapaud Island. However, the fun ends, when it comes to safety at sport and in the water, with her being a certified rescue swimmer.

While she can study, she prefers to do so as quickly as possible, as to not take away from her time in or at the water. Most of her studying ends in cramming anyway.

Personal Relations

Marlisa Dambray

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