Companies from the Free Lands and from Lutetii became active in Port Ember in 2019 on a larger scale.

Officially, the corresponding RP is known as A new Start and is a social RP taking place in Waterstad Borough of Port Ember. The OOC can be found here, the IC here.



Mangaire Dealership Company Limited

Casa di Commercio dei Viticoltori a Fortezza/LCN

In the end, an agreement was reached: Gudfrey Trading would become the bulk supplier for a wide variery of the CCVF's wines, the majority of which would be of the upper middle class price segment (around 10-15 NSD on the supermarket shelf). More special and finer wines would be sold on special order, sent through her. A few weeks after the business talks concluded, the boss of the CCVF, a certain Antonio Siggaro, signed the contract.

The meeting between Aurora Alce and Johnny Azula in the Lollipop went satisfactory as well, Aurora later organizing a delivery of Álainn Ríon (the Beautiful Queen, known as a Atropa Regina in the rest of the world, a close relative of the Atropa belladonna, the deadly nightshade). This plant was and is used to make several potent drugs, it's trade illegal, it's export from the Free Lands prohibited. This delivery was taken in by Dagon Falong during the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival.

Fiona the Tank Girl

Involved Characters



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