Herzogin Ada von Wißenthen is the currently reigning Herzogin of the Wißenthenland. She is also mother of two, Sunna and Rena and widow.


In 1995, her husband died in a car accident. This hit the small and young family hard, Ada retreating into herself. It took years for her to come to terms with the death of her husband. Her children aided her in that process quite a bit.


Ada is a calm and kind woman, graceful and sometimes a bit silly. Her natural generosity, never sparing with help in word or deed, if it is needed, especially when her daughters are concerned, won her many hearts and minds in Teressien.

Ada is an avid painter, often seen with her canvas stand in more calm and silent moments, usually painting landscapes for them to be sold for charity. They fetch good prices, both due to them being very nice and due to them being painted by her, which fills her with pride.

Personal Relations

Sunna and Rena

Fürst Alrich III.

Olwyn Gwynteira

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