An Inn in the Free Lands offering Additional Services is, aside from a place to eat, sleep and meet, also a place to buy love - in other words, it has the additional function of a brothel. It's also used as the Euphemism for legal prostitution or the Sex Industry in general. Searc, Goddess of Love, is the patroness of the sector.

The term of Additional Services covers both male and female prostitution.


The 'Horizontal Occupation' is known as the oldest occupation of mankind,

Rules and Regulations

Generally, despite the Age of Consent being 11 Springs, the same as the Working Age, the legal age to be employed as a provider of these Additional Services is 15 Springs, the age of reaching Adulthood. Usually, such Inns employ no men or women under 15 Springs either, so seeking Mini-Maids there is a fruitless endeavor (the absence of these young workers is usually seen as a clear indicator among Selkie).

Women working as providers of the additional services need to complete a registration process and have to be checked by an Andrologist or Gynecologist (depending on the gender) in intervals of two to six months, depending on the City. Practicing prostitution without the registration of missing the examinations can result in fines or prison sentences, depending on the City.

In smaller settlements, like towns and villages, the legislation usually follows the lines of the nearest City, although particularities exist. In the Town of Shella, for example, fishermen returning have to remain away for at least one day before they can make use of the Additional Services.

Famous Inns offering Additional Services

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