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Aenlin Boddn is a student of History of the University of Hornstscheburg in Pittenmark and granddaughter of Pittenmark's Military Dictator Generalfeldmarschall Tjark Boddn. In lieu of his sick wife, Aenlin often accompanies her Grandfather to official functions, which is why she had often been called "Pittenmark's version of Princess Aurelia" (with whom she gets along well).

In Pittenmark, she is also seen as a bit of a fashion icon.

Her father is the enterpeneur Gangolf Boddn, of Boddn Food Factories.


  • born 1995
  • school: 2001-2014
  • military service 2015 (drove a Schneewiesel)
  • started studies in 2016
  • Grandmother fell ill in 2018, Aenlin acted as her replacement starting in that year - provisional solution became permanent and official in 2020
  • became fashion icon
  • attended the 2021 Broodeheim Harbour Festival


Aenlin is a

Aenlin hates it, if she is called "Pittenmark's Crown Princess."

  • loves staying in Ridderli, especially in her father's winter home

Personal Relations

Generalfeldmarschall Tjark Boddn

Princess Aurelia

  • the two get along very well - and share the odd secret