Commander Aidan Bratoi of the Tribe of Wexford is the current first officer of SDFS Maighdean.

Bratoi is also known as a talented archer.


Aidan Bratoi of the Tribe of Wexford was born to a family of naval officers in 1978, literally near Fortham in a field, where his family celebrated a reunion - and, by the evening of that day, a birth. His mother was daughter of Admiral Yvain Neamhthábhach of the Tribe of Wexford, at the time Supreme Commander of the SDF, while his father was a young officer aboard SDFS Lodan Lir.

His father fell in the line of duty on the opening day of the Second Vellenge War in 1983, when SDFS Lodan Lir was sunk.

Aidan got into school in 1984, joining the Naval School in Wembury, joining the Cadet Cadre. He got to know his first wife there, who he married in 1998 - the marriage broke apart in 2001, childless. Main reason was, that he was a career officer and thus rarely at home. Upon Graduation as a Lieutenant in 2000, Aidan was not only best of his class but also assigned as a Lieutenant to SDFS Rhiannon, the Rhiannon-I-class Frigate.

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2005, he got taste of command in the Battle of Marley Bay in 2012, when the commander of his vessel was wounded by shrapnel and he took over command of his stricken vessel, leading her to safety.

However, by 2010, his career had hit its peak, with a promotion to Commander in 2013 being his last - at the same time, he was assigned to SDFS Maighdean as her first officer under Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath. To him, this seems like a demotion by 2016, as he isn't going to sea - that changed with the shakedown cruises and the Cadet Cruises, leading him in 2019 all around the world, including to Port Ember.


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