Aiden Clúmhach of the Tribe of Clonmel is a Selkie and freelance journalist, spy, thief and assassin, who was involved in a number of occassions of various natures. His author abbreviation is ACC.

He is rumoured to be part of the intelligence.


Aidan was born around 1990 in Tipa, where he was taken into an orphanage, parents unknown. He was taken in by a certain Tyran Tabharthóir of the Tribe of Clonmel in 1995.

From there on out, his trace is lost for the most part. He was educated at home, at least officially, and made his graaduation in Tipa in 2008. After that, he vanished from the screens, which was never a big deal in the Free Lands, especially in regards of the people around Mister Tabharthóir.

From 2009 on, word began to spread of a Selkie with hair like a Big Black Fox and similar skills, a thief and assassin of masterful skills. Aidan earned his money as a bodyguard for those, who could hire him - officially. Unofficially, in secret, he was the boyfriend of a certain Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim, worker for the intelligence and dagger for hire, trained by the intelligence and a few of their allies.

In 2010 and 2011, Aiden was also involved in Operation Glantachán, the SDF-Navy's operations in the Gainimh-Islands after the attack on the Aerach, the yacht, which carried the future Envoy of Lodan Lir, Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth.

After that, in the autumn of 2011, he joined the Silver Bay Herald as a freelance journalist and photographer, working together with Kiah Irisleabhar of the Tribe of Waterford on several occassions. He also became a photographer for Bicíní Industries in 2016, working mostly on the Mainland and in the Northern Islands.


He is a good swimmer and rather agile, as well as very good at hiding everywhere. He prefers daggers and knives, as he is next to totally inept with firearms, good actor and intelligent - he can't cook, though, and has a major thing for cute girls. Aiden is no team player.

Soc the Grey Wolf and him are good partners, though.

Personal Relations

Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim

Ida and Aiden are a former couple, the two of them getting along as they mostly lived into two different directions. Soc and her Grey Wolf, Lapa, get along quite well.

They dated for four months.

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