Aife Cuisle of the Tribe of Wicklow is the High Priestess of Lodan Lir currently in office and a former Arrowmaiden.


Aife Cuisle was born in 1956 to very pious parents, who followed the Cult of Lodan Lir, her father being a fisherman on the Imeall-River, her mother a housewife. She was the third of a total of seven children (of which six reached adulthood).

In 1972, the Yard Crisis began and Aife, at the time 16, decided to join the Arrowmaidens and become a Servant - she was not much of an archer, despite Cuan being famous for them, but she was a very good listener and helper to those in need. While Silverport was affected badly, she concentrated her efforts, directed by the Cult, on the small town of Talamh, which lived less of river-fishery and more from the fields around the town. This interrupted her education.

It did not take long for the situation to turn from bad to worse as 1973 and 1974 brought bad harvests and 1975 brought unrest, especially of the Youth. Selkie-Rock took off as a musical style and turned into the soundtrack of the social revolution that was taking place. She was in Cuan, on the Búistéir Street, when a young officer of the SDF-Army named Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork on the other end of the street refused a direct order to have his men open fire on protesters. She testified in his favour a year later, during the military tribunal.

It was during these days, that she got to know her future husband, Cailean, who was a Servant to Lodan Lir as well - and a doctor. He was on Mount Vellenge when Lutetiian troops landed there in the opening hours of the Second Vellenge War. For the Gods know which reason, they saw him as a threat and Cailean was killed.

27 and a widow, Aife decided to dedicate her life to the Cult, becoming a full-fledged Priestess in 1986, Arcane Priestess in 1996. In 2000, she became the Priestess of the major temple of the Cult in Riverwood, in 2005, she was called into the same position in Cuan, her birthplace.

2006, her predecessor died and Aife, 50 at the time, was elected as her successor, becoming High Priestess of Lodan Lir.

It was her, who, in 2010, decided to test Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth and to make her, six at the time, Envoy of Lodan Lir - maybe it was pity, maybe motherly instincts, which she never had the chance to live, maybe her own fervor, she would not be able to name it. It was, after much deliberations, that she asked Amy Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Westmeath to take care of Mona in 2011. Of course, Amy accepted.

When, in 2018, Operation Spartacus began with Selkie-Participation, she was not against said participation, but she did not share the fervor of her colleague, Glynn Uisinn of the Tribe of Westmeath, the High Priest of Carman Fea.


Personal Relations

Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth and Amy Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Westmeath

Mara Urgharda of the Tribe of Fermanagh and her family

Aife and the current Captain of the Arrowmaidens have a nice working relationship,

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