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Alaya Althunyi is a student of veterinary medicine at the University of Megido and a member of its Mounted Falconry Team (as a dog-leader).

Alaya owns a horse by the name of Riha (wind) and several Kyrenaian Jackals, of which her favourite is named Sayyad (Hunter).


Early Years (2000-2019)

  • 2013-2019: HGA.

From 2015 onwards, Alaya led the dogs of Princess Fadia bint-Dardan.

Service (2019-2021)

Alaya did her Service with the 7th Mechanized Brigade - shortly after her basic training was complete, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit Kyrenaia and it hit the country hard in the 2020-Summer.

Studies in Megido (2021-)


Alaya can get along better with canines then with people.

Personal Relations


Princess Fadia bint-Dardan

From 2015 to 2019, either's graduation, Alaya led Fadia's dogs - and did so again after both started their studies at the University of Megido.

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir