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Alexander von Sykane was a Teressian Naturalist and Explorer from the 19th century. Universally, in Teressien, seen as one of the greatest naturalist to ever live. Many schools carry his name to this day, 


Born in 1860 in Sykane, Alexander hails from an important family of land-owners and especially mine-owners, which is the family's source of wealth to this day (see Sykane Mining Company). He was the third child and second son of a total of eight children, which lived to see their eight birthday. As such, he was of minor importance to the family and was quickly left to learn and to fulfill his dream of becoming a Natural Scientist and Explorer.

He performed splendidly in school, acquired entire libraries' worth of books and read them at astonishing speeds, while also not only being buried in books, but also going out to see the world. He made his first trip abroad to the Lands of the Selkie in 1880, of which he published an account, The Wonders of the Lands of the Selkie and the People, who inhabit them. During that time, he met Nia Sneachtúil, of Cefnffordd Descent, an ancient Spiorad, with whom he would have a lifelong letter-friendship. He returned home in 1883, having even helped with the land survey of the Lake Mór River System near Áth.

In 1888, he traveled aboard RMS Caloris to Kuronami, completing his account The Land of West and East in 1892.

He died in 1932, aged 72, in Sykane, sitting in his winter garden with a book on his lap, under his favourite tree. The maids noted, that it looked as if he had dozed off while reading again.


Alexander is a professional scientist on the outside, but whenever he is met with something, that he does not know, he meets it with childlike wonder, excitement and openness, often commented by his colleagues as admirable, but ultimately futile. He is friendly, but a little bit closed off, nervous and finds it hard to talk to people he does not know - but once he does know people, he starts to speak more and more.

Class is of little interest to him, as he believes, that everyone has not only a story to tell, but

Personal Relations

Utz Hemmeldingen

Naya Hemmeldingen

Alexander loves Naya and Naya loves Alexander - it could be very simple, if it weren't for snobbery, which barred them from marrying and being happy.

Nia Sneachtúil, of Cefnffordd Descent

Alexander and the ancient Spiorad met by coincidence in 1880,

Wilrun Maach


OOC - Trivia

  • Alexander von Sykane is a loving reference to the Prussian polymath, geographer, naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt.