Alma Haffer is a Teressian Hausmädchen, usually employed at the Stadtschloss Dorch in Dorch. While usually responsible for the Music Room,


Born in 1993 in Schmattesbach near Dorch, Alma is the third child and first daughter of a fisherman and his wife. Her father, Clais Haffer, is nowadays the Captain of his own fishing vessel, the Alma (named after his daughter and the daughter of one of his fellow fishermen) and was Trade Union Representative of the Fishermen in Dorch from 2010 to 2014. Her mother, a housewife, taught Alma and her siblings the importance of music and taught her the piano.

Alma entered Elementary School in 1999 and left it in 2005 in favour of the Bürgermeister Raik Seger Real-Gymnasium, from which she graduated in 2009. While having a mostly unassuming educational career, she was part of the school orchestra in both of her schools.

After graduation, Alma entered the Hausmädchenakademie in Bachschloss, fulfilling her aspiration to become a Hausmädchen. She graduated in 2013 and applied for various positions, one of them at the Stadtschloss Dorch, which took her shortly after. She was quickly put in charge of the Music Rooms.

In 2015, Alma began to teach Heda, Prinzessin von Dorch piano lessons every now and again, when her actual teacher couldn't make it for whichever reason.


Alma is a dutiful Hausmädchen, speaking softly and walking silently, only seen, when she wishes to be seen.

Aside from her job, Alma is also a talented pianist, but usually does this only as a hobby. On occasion, she plays for her fellow Hausmädchen and, sometimes, when their usual teacher had missed the date, had taught Heda in the art.

Personal Relations

Heda, Prinzessin von Dorch

Alma teaches Heda piano lessons every now and again, causing the two of them to have a friendly relationship - and little more.

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