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Almadaldima, known as Kandirak, Gate of the Gods, in ancient times, is a digsite in the Sultanate of Kyrenaia, researching the ancient city, which was inhabited until around 3,000 years ago and stood in full bloom in the Third Millennium BCE (ca. 5,000 years ago).



First Bloom (ca. 30th century BCE to 26th century BCE)

In the 27th century BCE, the Cult of Allat was at its strongest,

While in full bloom, Almadaldima was the capitol of a trading empire with connections all over what is Kyrenaia today and even beyond that. If these 'intercontinental' connections were direct connections or if they were through intermediaries (most likely traders), is unknown as of now, but it is known, that many of the 'continental' connections were maintained by more or less professional diplomats.

Second Bloom (ca. 19th century BCE to 15th century BCE)


It stands to reason, that around 1,100 to 1,000 BCE, Almadaldima was abandoned by its last inhabitants and was left to decay and the Sands of Time.


In 1969, during the construction work of an aqueduct, workers unearthed parts of the city.

Although the Ziggurat of Nudinmud still rises above the sands of the Five Desert, it was never seen as a possible location of Almadaldima.

The Dig


Ziggurat of Nudinmud

The Ziggurat of Nudinmud rises thirty metres into the sky, the last known temple of Allat, the Lady, surrounded by a walled-off complex.

The Treasure House


Myths and Legends

Surrounding Nudinmud

Nudinmud and his love for Allat stand at the centre of many myths, him going on many adventures to find presents for her - none of them were to Her liking. He also aided Her, expelling pests from Her grove of date trees, for example, in one poem.

In the largest of the stories of his exploits, he goes to find immortality, now already a century old, so that he could spent time with Allat until Eternity ended. He traveled far and wide and finally reaches a sage, who promises him immortality should he complete his trials. Nudinmud fails repeatedly and, as a broken and disheartened man, returns home to Almadaldima. There, Allat and Sirrush are waiting for him, as his time has come. He accepts his fate, asking for one hour to talk to Allat one last time, which is granted to him. He and Her spent the hour talking, him explaining to Her, why he went on that quest. One hour turns to two, turns to four... and the two rejoin Sirrush, Allat making a request: Instead of taking his spirit to the Underworld, Nudinmud should become a constellation in the stars, so that he could always be with Allat. Her wish is granted.

The Song of the Swords

One of the many poems, which survived in one state of preservation or the other is the Song of the Swords, which lists the many swords (and other weapons), which were kept there by the Kings of Almadaldima. Around two hundred names are known, most prominently Ea, the Sword of Rupture. Many of the names of the swords found in the poem serve as names for vessels of the Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard.