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The four Almuhafaza-class Aircraft Carriers were the first aircraft carriers in service with The Sultan's Navy, a conversion of the Wafa-class Battleship (1920-1960)s started after the Jawiyun-War of 1921.

They served in the Decolonization Wars with distinction, paving the way for future carrier development.


Air Group

Total of 30-40

Service History

With the Jawiyun-War of 1921, and the loss of several vessels to enemy air power (a thing mostly ignored until then) and the visit of a Kyrenaian Delegation to the Aircraft Carrier Aquila of Lutetii, the plan was hatched to convert a vessel to being an aircraft carrier. As, after the Jawiyun-War, the second batch of Wafa-class Battleships was suspended, there were still four hulls lying around, being converted to the Almuhafaza-class Aircraft Carriers, RKN Haz being the firs one launched and commissioned in 1923 - right in time for the start of the Decolonization Wars in 1923, where the new vessel proved its worth.

In 1939, two of the vessels attended the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian.


  • RKN Ramili, named after a Province of the Khanate of Sheliak.
  • RKN Alsuhul Alkhasaba, named after a Province in the Khanate of Jabal.
  • RKN Haz, named after a Province in the Khanate of Baalbek.
  • RKN Alhadari, named after a Province in the Khanate of Gadir.


Based, much like the Wafa-class Battleships, heavily on a French vessel: The aircraft carrier Béarn.