The Almustawtan-class Frigate was an AA-frigate of the Sultan's Navy in service from 1938 to 1965, serving for the majority of the Decolonization Wars.


Due to the tendency of rebelling colonies during the Decolonization Wars to have access to some of the most modern pieces of military equipment of their time, including aircraft and experienced aviators, the Sultan's Navy, the ones charged with suppressing the majority of the uprisings and rebellions, lost ships despite aircraft carriers being in liberal use, for example the Almuhafaza-class Aircraft Carriers.

So, a more stationary AA-platform needed to be built, which could stay with convoys and larger ships. Drawing from experience from building the Zahra-class Corvettes, the Almustawtan-class Frigate was developed as simple boats powered by diesel engines,

Service History

Quite a few of these vessels participated in the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian.

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