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The Alqatat Gunsmiths 152mm Gun is the currently largest gun in service with the Sultan's Navy. Based on a design from the 40s, they replaced the, by then age-old, Rusadir Steelworks RS-16 135mm Guns. These guns are mostly found on cruisers and large destroyers like the Sharaf-class Guided Missile Cruiser and the Meninx-class Destroyer. They were introduced in 1948 with the Damir-class Corvettes.


Technical Data (Mark IV, single mount)

  • Weight (entire mount): 7,015 kg
  • Length: 8.05 m
  • Barrel Length: 9.12 (60 calibres)
  • Shell Weight: 20-30 kg (depending on shell)
  • Calibre: 152mm
  • Feeding System: Magazine with 700 shells
  • Elevation: -5 to +85 degrees
  • Rate of Fire: 90 shells per minute
  • Firing Range: up to 75 km, depending on shell

(seen on Meninx-class Destroyer)