The Alqatat Gunsmiths 27mm Revolver Cannon is a revolver canon used produced by Alqatat Gunsmiths Limited. The official product designation for the international market is AG-27RC.

Originally developed as an aircraft cannon in 1965, for the KAF-14 Dabur, the weapon has, by now, been installed on APCs, IFVs, tanks, ships and, experimentally, carried by infantry cannon teams. It is also featured aboard the newest generation of jet fighters of the Armies of the Five Deserts and of the Sultan's Navy, including the KAF-16 Saqr. Two of them are the main armament of the Alsuyuf II SPAAG.


Technical Data (standard version)

  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Length: 2.35 m
  • Barrel Length: 1.8 m
  • Shell: 27x150mm, linked belt
    • Projective Mass: 265 g
    • Mass of total round: 525 g
  • Barrels: 1
  • Action: fully-automatic electrically-fired gas-operated system, aided by pyrotechnic cocking charges
  • Rate of fire: selective, 1,000, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750, 2,000 rounds per minute
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,150 m/s


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