The Alsuyuf III Main Battle Tank is the MBT in service with the Armies of the Five Deserts, and a few examples in service with the Fleet Ground Forces, since 1990.

Its successor, the Alsuyuf IV Main Battle Tank, is expected to enter service in 2025.


Alsuyuf Mark III A came with a lot of features requested by the Armies of the Five Deserts in order to make the tank more suitable for desert environments:

  • Tank Infantry Telephone on the outer hall, in its own armoured box.
  • Engine-driven mechanical air-conditioning unit to cool the tank without the use of electric current, which could reveal the position of the tank.
  • Two remote weapons stations on the turret roof.
  • Simplified driving and loading functions.
  • Thermal Tarp.
  • Wider tracks.

Service History

Versions and Variants

  • Alsuyuf III A: Standard version, production run from 1988-1996.
  • Alsuyuf III B:
  • Alsuyuf III C:
  • Alsuyuf III Armoured Engineering Vehicle:
  • Alsuyuf III Armoured Recovery Vehicle:
  • Alsuyuf III SPAAG:
  • Alsuyuf III SPG:
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