The Alsuyuf IV Main Battle Tank is the newest main battle tank of The Armies of the Five Deserts and their armoured corps, expected to enter service in 2025 and to first supplement, then replace the Alsuyuf III Main Battle Tank. The Alsuyuf IV is also expected to enter service with the Fleet Ground Forces.

An export version is, so far, not planned.


- range of 750 km, additional water tanks for both crew and support

- armament: Alqatat Gunsmiths 120mm Rifled Tank Gun (autoloader), 2-3 machine guns (1 coaxial, 2 remote weapons stations), 1 remote weapons station for a grenade machine gun

- smoke grenade launchers

- 1,500 hp Turbocharged Diesel

- Tank Infantry Telephone on the outer hull, in its own armoured box.

- Engine-driven mechanical air-conditioning unit to cool the tank without the use of electric current, which could reveal the position of the tank.

- Simplified driving and loading functions.

- Thermal Tarp.

- Wider tracks.

- modular armour, v-shaped belly armour (better against mines), engine easily replaced, even under field conditions -> easier repair, lower maintenance costs

- no loader's hatch on the roof

- rounds stored in fireproof canisters, turret electrically powered - reduced chances of fires inside of the tank

- non-reflective paint (smaller Radar Crosssection), laser and radar warning receivers

- new fire-control computer, can track even flying helicopters while the tank is on the move, gun stabilized on both axes, target tracking

- Battlescape Network System, crew can take control of drones in the area

- active protection system

- 'smart' crew helmets

- toilet

Service History

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