Herzogin Alvina von Raycbucht is the currently reigning Herzogin/Duchess of Raycbucht and the Stadtholder of Sykane. On the side, she plays the cello and occasionally designs dresses, mostly her own.


Born in 1996 in Raycbucht, Alvina was the second child and the first daughter of her parents, Herzog  and Herzogin , her older brother being Arvid von Raycbucht, who decided to abstain from the Crown in favour of a military career. She has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.


Alvina is a very good dancer, which she usually prefers over playing her cello, 

Personal Relations

Fürst Alrich III.

As a kid, she had a crush on him, which she admitted in multiple interviews, but nowadays, she is not anymore. She does value him as a friend, though, as well as she respects him as her sovereign. 

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