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Alwina von Sykane is the current heiress of the Sykane Mining Company, as eldest child of Gerulf von Sykane and his wife Rena, and a clerk in the Recycling Department of the Company. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and is quite adept at Kyrenaian Belly Dances and the Dance of a Thousand Veils.

She owns a Sand Wolf by the name of Beller.


Alwina was born to Gerulf von Sykane and his wife Rena in 1990 in Sykane. Her father was still a student, only twenty years of age, and with her mere birth, Alwina already caused a scandal as her parents were married for six months at the time of her birth. However, her father loved (and loves) her mother and he loves all of his four children, Alwina being the oldest and most prominent.

With six years of age, Alwina was introduced to elementary school in Sykane, which she left in 2002 in favour of the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia. She graduated in 2009 and began her studies of Economics and Metallurgy, first at the University of Zieselhaven, where she made her Bachelor's in 2013, and then at the University of Megido.

During her foreign studies in Kyrenaia, Alwina discovered her love for traditional Kyrenaian Dances and soon joined the Dancer's Club. She became proficient at the Kyrenaian Belly Dances and the Dance of a Thousand Veils. During that time, she also became acquainted with a Princess Fara bint-Dardan, the two becoming letter friends. In 2015, Alwina made a foreign semester from her foreign studies in the Free Lands, at the University of Leuda.

She graduated in 2018 with a Master's Degree, her paper being titled Recycling Metallurgy as a business field, and was offered a tenure as a doctoral candidate at the University of Megido, but she declined, stating, that she would like to get practical experience in the field.

Upon returning to Sykane, Alwina applied for a position in Sykane Mining's Recycling Department and was taken - due to her station as future owner and CEO of the company, she was attached to the office of the Department Head, who put her to work immediately.


- passionate dancer, especially traditional dances

Personal Relations

Princess Fara bint-Dardan

Fürst Alrich III.

Vin Erenback