One of the most important factors of the Foreign Politics of the Free Lands of the Selkie are their Ambassador Groups. As the Free Lands lack the ressources and manpower to send an ambassadorial mission to every country worth sending an ambassadorial mission to, the Ambassador Groups were established as a reliable way to send ambassadors to where they are needed, when they are needed.


Additional Components

Business Delegation

To foster economic ties between the Selkie and the nations they are guests of, the Ambassador Groups are quite often accompanied by businesspeople and representatives, working towards their economic goals together with the Ambassador Groups.

Often seen members of the Business Delegation are:


In a very few instances, the SDF sends a delegation along, or, if they are invited to observe foreign military excercises, an SDF-Delegation goes by their lonesome.

Known members of the SDF-Delegation are:

List of Ambassador Groups

Ambassador Group 1

Ambassador Group 2

Ambassador Group 3

Ambassador Group 4

Ambassador Group 5

Ambassador Group 6


Permanent Representations or Embassies

Due to concerns in budget and manpower, the Free Lands only have few embassies in foreign countries, limited to close friends and partners, or at least aiming to.

Current embassies of the Free Lands in foreign countries are:

  • In The Phönixreich of Arendelle und Wesselton und Sud-Inseln: Kaiserinstraße n° 3, Frostburg, 4 people, including Ambassador Celina Taidhleoir of the Tribe of Westmeath, since 14th of June, 2017.
  • In the United Island States of AHSCA: Embassy Isle, 3 people, including Ambassador Amy Seasta of the Tribe of Monaghan and Master Bleachtaire, since 11th of Octobre 2017.
  • In the Confederation of the New Visayan Islands: Lot 23, Vienna Street, 5 people, including Ambassador Damian Diallait of the Tribe of Wicklow, since 5th of Decembre 2017.
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