Amina bint-Walid, born as Amina Dam, is the currently reigning Ilkhana of Sarepta, mother to Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris and the Twins, Princess Siham bint-Idris and Princess Aischa bint-Idris.

She also suffers from Cervical Cancer with metastases.


Born into a common household, Amina bint-Walid was originally Amina Dam, daughter to a butler and a Handmaiden at the Palace of the Golden Hall in Ugarit. There, she played with the later Ilkhan Idris while they were both children,

Ever since their marriage in 1995, they had tried to get children, but all of their efforts were fruitless, either not resulting in pregnancies or in stillborns.

In 2005, she gave birth to Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer with metastases, during her pregnancy with Siham and Aischa. Untreated due to the pregnancy, she almost died and the whole ordeal left her severely weakened.

It broke her heart, when her husband sent their son Mahmut to his Uncle in Utica in 2010, to live at the Palace of the Azure Hall, under care of the Sultana, all the more she loves his regular visits and ensured, that a good Handmaiden came along.


Amina always had an air of motherly warmth around her, mixed with heartiness and wit. She also is known for the attention she has on details surrounding her, including especially her children. She has an emotional empathy,

However, she is also a very peaceful woman,

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