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Amina Qaebukin is a Kyrenaian Actress, who had her breakthrough with the 2015-movie Like Desert Roses in a Sandstorm. She is specialized in Action-Movies of various descriptions.


She graduated from the Al-Khansa Girls' Academy in 2012, soon beginning her Service with the 7th Lasite Mechanized Division's 17th Mechanized Brigade. After two years, she was honourably put on Reserves and finally had time to follow her dream: Becoming a full-time actress. Her first larger role was in

In 2019, following an injury on-set, Amina decided to use the recovery time to attend a distance university course at the University of Zieselhaven in Film Studies, planning for her Bachelor's Degree in 2022.



Personal Relations

Karim Danni

Okan Fahnnan