Amy Laoch of the Tribe of Dundalk is a Selkie Student and Model in services of Bicíní Industries, as well as actress.

Amy owns a Sea Weasel by the name of Dobharchú and a horse by the name of Cogain (to munch in English), who is a young Garda Onóra.


Amy was born in 2002 in Bodmin as the daughter of two craftspeople, her father being a carpenter and her mother being a woodworker, who retired to take care of the small and growing family. Amy is the middle-child, an older brother being born in 2000 and a younger brother in 2005. Persistent rumours in Bodmin state, that her younger brother is only her half-brother, but she doesn't care much about these rumours.

In 2008, Amy began her educational career. She was a good student back then and is to this day, but she protrudes in no subject, slightly above average in everything thrown at her. In 2013, she began Middle School, where she got better and better in sports and artistic subject, enjoying especially music and swordfighting. Her father signed her up for a professional trainer in 2014, who began teaching her more and more, finding talent with her, mostly as a Sworddancer.

In 2017 and 2018, she was part of the Archipelago Shooting of Bicíní Industries. After the latter, she participated in the Beach Party hosted by their bosses, which was also attended by Celina Treoraí of the Tribe of Louth and her boyfriend Chris Riescheid. There, she got to know Dragan Bandera, who's girlfriend she became. In the 2018 Archipelago Shooting, she not only wore swimsuits, but was also permitted to make a test shooting for the lingerie catalogue, a few pictures going into the final catalogue.

In 2018, she also joined the Roth High School of Bodmin and their Crossbow Gals. She was more of a swordfighter, though.

Later that year, Amy began a career as an actress, being one of the younger talents in Flight on the Seven Wings, a movie about Selkie-Mercenaries in Services of the Ilkhan of Utica during the Third Kyrenaian Civil War, in 1614, shortly after the Siege of Utica came to an end.

In early 2019, she and Macha Taise visited Lillorainen. From Mid-2018 to Mid-2019, she was in a stable long-distance relationship with the Lillorainian Dragan Badera. The two of them lived apart and separated on good terms.


Amy Laoch

Amy, in serious-mode, circa 2019. The glasses are accessories, which she actually doesn't need.

When asked to describe her, one of her fellow Bicíní Industries Models described her as an 'over-excited puppy on caffeine' and Amy admitted, that this was not too wrong.

Amy is fluent in German, but has a bit of an accent. She is relatively good with the sword, especially the Kyrenaian Type 3C Sabre, but she does not plan to make it a career.

Personal Relations

Kean Tuadóir of the Tribe of Wexford

Amy Laoch, Flight on the Seven Wings

Amy during the shoot of Flight on the Seven Wings, with her hair cut. Note the Kyreanaian Type 3C Sabres.

Amy and Kean share a hearty relationship, the older man being somewhat of an uncle to Amy,
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