Amy Ollmhór of the Tribe of Dundalk is an Air Racer in the Free Lands, best known for her participation in both NASJAR 1 and NASJAR 2, as well as her work for Bicíní Industries.


In the, admittedly small, air-racing circles in the Free Lands, Amy Ollmhór of the Tribe of Dundalk was a bit of an oddity, mainly because she was, by heart, not a pilot or aviatrix, but an actress, model and trained IT-Specialist. Air racing for her was, indeed, just a hobby between jobs and shootings.

Despite that, she had passion and will to win, a certain drive and passion, that many other hobbyists lacked.

She started out with flying small propeller-planes, including her training on a Giodróg, and several air races on the Shane Airworks Piongain Seaplane Fighter, with her jet license and training on the Vampire being only a recent addition.

In 2018, she ranked fifth in the Mianach Air Race, Jet Division, and third in the Propeller Division. After NASJAR 1, she stopped being a hobbyist and became a serious air racer, training for NASJAR 2 and air races in the Free Lands. During the series, she was in a short relationship with fellow Air Racer Dakov Weimar.

Many a joke has been cracked about her 'fuel tanks', which she sees rather calm, often joking with them, that she has to have a few metres more of runway due to the additional mass.



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