Amy Ramallae of the Tribe of Monaghan is a model of Bicíní Industries and student of veterinary medicine at the University of Launceston, with specialization in the animals of the Archipelago. She is a member of her university's swimmer team as well and owner of the Lapa Cealg.


Amy was born in 1991 in Tipa, in the Baile, as the daughter of a houseman and his wife, the fisheries researcher Finnya Ramallae of the Tribe of Monaghan. Her life was always close entwined to the sea and her earliest memories are of accompanying her mother on conferences about her topics of over-fishing and sea-pollution.

Having an unassuming educational career, Amy only really exceeded in sports, when it came to fishing. In the other subjects, she was solid. With entering Middle School, and the full-fledged education in sciences, Amy's grades in these subjects sky-rocketed, much to her own surprise. She graduated in 2010.

It did not surprise anyone, that she started to study... though the subject did surprise: Veterinary Medicine at the University of Launceston, specialized in marine animals and pets. To gain financial independence from her parents, Amy began to work as a model for model of Bicíní Industries, starting with the 2011 Archipelago Shooting. She also joined her university's swimmer team in 2011.

In 2015, during said Archipelago Shooting, Amy found a Lapa, badly injured and almost dead, and stabilized him, bringing him back home to Launceston. There, she and her fellow researchers diagnozed him with a rare genetic disorder, that left him with no poison glands. Further analysis and testing revealed this defect could be reproduced, which delighted fox breeders all over the Free Lands. She kept Lapa for herself and her own cuddles, though, named him Cealg.

In 2018, she was in the Archipelago for a shooting and invited Chris and Cel for a beach party. She attended the Shooting of the next year, including the Aftershow Party.


Amy is a smart lass, as well as

She loves to swim, does so competitively and for fun, one of the reasons, why she chose

Amy is very proud of her body and goes to lengths to preserve it. She is in a relationship with Lieutenant Commander Finnegan Urgharda, and she had been in a few relationships in the past.

Personal Relations


Amy loves Cealg and Cealg loves Amy, and both love to cuddle.

Filly and Amy

Kiah Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan

Amy and Kiah, who is five years younger then Amy, share a friendly rivalry, or rather, their teams do. They, themselves, are colleagues and friends, enjoying the occasional conversation.

Amy and Enya love to play with each other and often rope the other Cíochach-Sisters and others into it, too.

Finnegan Urgharda of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Amy and Finnegan got to know each other during the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival, and the Skill Demonstration of his Squadron, and over the following winter, the two of them met from time to time for a cuppa tea. Their friendship developed and soon, the veterinary student and the helicopter pilot fell in love.

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