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Aonas Folracht of the Tribe of Wicklow is a young Marcach, specialized in the art of the Sword, and seen as one of the best young swordfighters currently in the League. He prefers a Lannadui or Leaf Blade. He rides a horse by the name of Asalcloig (Mulehead), a Móinteán.

He is a distant descendant of Liam the Red.


Aonas was born in Conall Curach in 2001, as son of Heardread Folracht of the Tribe of Wicklow and his wife Alaina. He has an older sister, Deirdre, who was born in 1998.

His elementary school education began in 2007, when he entered Elementary School. In the same year, his father began to train him in using the sword and riding, lessons he took to like a sponge to water. In school, he was good in maths and sciences, but not exceedingly, while sports were his strongest suit.

In 2011, he began Middle School and continued the trend, but also joined the Poetry Club. In that year, he also joined the Youth League as a swordsman and won his first cups.

In 2012, his mother died.

Aonas graduated in 2020.

Aonas spent the majority of the Winter 2020/2021, and thus the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Free Lands, in Redruth, where he got a room at Crúb House.


He does not lack in self-confidence.

Personal Relations

Heardread Folracht of the Tribe of Wicklow

His father and teacher is very precious to Aonas,

Deirdre Folracht of the Tribe of Wicklow

Marla Faorach of the Tribe of Cork

With Marla, he has a one-sided, yet very fierce competition, which he hopes to make two-sided sooner rather then later. So far, however, he is catching up, both in terms of skill and in terms of style. He has first fought her in his first year in the Adult League, 2016.

When Marla married in 2021, he congratulated her.

Ceili and Donny

Silvio Esecutore and Aurora Alce

Aonas knows the two as business partners of his father and, as a younger boy, crushed on Aurora.