Aonas Tarbh of the Tribe of Fermanagh is a Selkie-Mercenary and former enlisted man of the SDF-Army. He was under contract with the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited in 2019 and went to Port Ember.


Aonas was born in 1990 to a huntsman and his wife in the City of Conall Curach, the Swamp-City, Aonas always dreamed of getting out and away - and after an unassuming educational career, he made that into reality, joining the SDF-Army in 2008 and being trained into an enlisted marksman, joining the 22nd Maor-Regiment. He showed quite a bit of talent in that regard.

He was even recommended for the Great Woods Rangers, but declined the offer for trying his hand at their courses. He was honourably discharged in 2016, after eight years of service, due to medical reasons.

From then on out, he joined the Mercenary Guild of Redruth, working as a mercenary and marksman, using the Gabha G-101 Rifle and the Pistol, Semi-Automatic, Model 1910, C-Variation. As a safety precaution, he also has daggers and throwing knifes and a multi-purpose knife.


Aonas is not exactly a people-person, but he can work together with other people.

He crushed heavily on a fellow mercenary, Kayla Treoir of the Tribe of Kildare. She let him down, not exactly gently, sparking a fierce and bitter rivalry between the two of them, fought out everywhere but on the job - professionalism is key. That includes the old creed of the Selkie-Mercenaries: Be polite. Be efficient. And plan to kill everyone you meet.

He expresses his political affiliations as follows: "I am a Selkie Mercenary and Bounty Hunter. I don't give a damn about politics. You say, who needs to die and he is as good as dead."

Personal Relations

Kiana and Caja

Aiden Clúmhach of the Tribe of Clonmel

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