The Arados Arsenal AA-20 Altawam 20mm Autocannon is a twin 20mm anti-aircraft gun designed for usage by light troops and on light vehicles. The system was introduced in 1976, a vehicle-mounted technical version in 1980.

The AA-20 is usually crewed by two to three men and can engage flying targets up to 1,750 metres above ground effectively, while also being able to engage ground targets 2,500 metres away effectively. Ammunition is fed to the weapon by a double-belt system, which allows for the gunner to switch ammunition at the tap of a button (a three-belt-system was tested, but discarded as impractical).

The system can be disassembled by hand without tools and easily cleaned.

The AA-20 can easily be transported by air by KAF-210 Midrab Gunships, KAF-140 Qatara VTOL Troop Carriers and other helicopters of that size-category, can be towed just as easily by many normal road-vehicles and can, if absolutely necessary and the ground permitting it, be pushed.

Although using similar ammunition, the AA-20 is not related to the Alqatat Gunsmiths 20mm AA-Gun.

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